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Captain Jack Harkness
Recalled CCTV Footage 
17th-Jan-2008 12:22 pm
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CCTV Footage

Ianto stands in the doorway to Jack’s office, looking toward the large cog door. The yellow light stops flashing, signaling that the door is sealed.

Jack approaches him, standing very close, his eyes on the door as well. Ianto looks at Jack, who promptly does the same. They stand there for a moment before Jack grins. Jack moves in to kiss Ianto.

Immediately, Ianto evades the kiss by turning his head away.

IANTO: Wasn’t there dinner you were going to buy me?

Jack pulls back.

JACK: (startled) Right...

He gives Ianto one of his very broad grins.

JACK: Dinner. Movie...?

IANTO: (skeptical) What movie are we going to watch?

Jack shrugs.

JACK: I don’t know.

IANTO: What movie are you going to watch?

Jack starts to reach out to him again, once again being rejected.

IANTO: What movie are you going to watch and keep your hands to yourself?

JACK: (apologetic) Aw... come on. I don’t know. I’ve been gone...

Ianto nods.

JACK: I’m sorry.
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