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Captain Jack Harkness
Personal Log: December 8 
25th-Nov-2007 05:56 pm
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Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

Before I approach someone to work for Torchwood, I always consider what I’m asking them to do. It isn’t an easy life, and I know that. What is at stake, the lives of the people of Earth here in the 21st century and far into the future, as well as the individual lives that will be changed, is worth the price some times.

To give up the innocence of ignorance and the peaceful rest that comes with the smallness of the world is not something one can understand without living it, despite any warning that I can give. It is a good thing, but the price is far greater than the ignorant can grasp.

For all the lives that I have changed, destroyed, arguably, I should be sorry. It isn’t to me that the duty is to. I’m just another soldier.

This war is no different than the ‘classic’ wars, the ones that drafted soldiers to serve, telling them that it was the right thing to do: that this was the duty of a young man to his home. I ask people to serve their home, but I don’t give them the line. It isn’t easy to make the leap into the greater universe. And here, it isn’t even the greater universe.
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