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Captain Jack Harkness
Recent Entries 
20th-Mar-2008 02:29 am - INSTANT MESSAGE BACKUP FILE
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[Jack has entered the conversation]

JACK: The whole cold metal to hot skin never really worked for me.

[end conversation]
5th-Dec-2007 01:27 pm - New Filing System Demo (Continued)
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This is a demo of a report within a specific case file.

Subject: Personal Report; Weevil Attack, Near Roath Dock

by Captain Jack Harkness (j_harkness425_03)

At about 11:15 PM on December 4, 2007, the police scanner picked up a report of an "odd looking man in a jumpsuit," which means weevil to me. I decided to look in on it.

I took the SUV to the reported location (Roath Dock peir), where I heard the weevil scratching around near some empty barrels. Like always, it could not just come quietly.

It ran, I chased. Near the traffic circle at the crossing of Rover and Compass, I finally cornered it near some shipping containers and got it restrained.

My shirt was ripped on the shoulder and chest when I transported the weevil back to the SUV, as I was alone, and it was far if you consider that I was tugging with me an adult weevil.

The weevil was transported back to the Hub and cataloged by 1 AM.
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